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Here is our offer to you, send us your building plans for inspection. We are so sure that we will save you thousands of dollars on your project.
If we can’t, we will pay you $500 cash.

See video where BUILDERLINKS saved a client $245,000 under his Architects and Project Managers best Tender price. Greg Dawson – for 15 years used the old fashioned Tender system and then engaged BUILDERLINKS for the first time.

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    Do you know who owns the copyright of your home design?

    The answer may SHOCK you!

    Did you know that when a design and construct builder designs your building or home, they own the © Copyright to your property’s plans? This will not let you shop around to get a competitive price. No competition will mean that the builder can charge you a high building price since no other builder can quote for the design you want.

    This is what many builders are banking on as a lot of people choose a builder’s standard plan, or have a builder’s in-house architect or designer draw their building plans for them – this automatically makes the builder the owner of the ©Copyright of the plans. When the property owner likes the plan that has been drawn by the builder’s in-house designer, and considers to use the design, the property owner has no other choice but to hire that builder’s services, as the property owner can’t bring the plans with him and shop around for other builders.

    Sounds unfair, right?
    Utilize our complimentary free customer protection service.

    Question now is – how to avoid getting stuck with a builder that will charge you a lot, but still be able to use the building plans for the design you want? Do not engage with a design & construct builder!

    When an independent building designer draws the plans for you, the designer will hold the © Author, but you get to own the ©Copyright, and shop for builders who will complete the job for you. The building designer can help you shop as they have quality builders surrounding their companies, but building designers do not have a monthly volume of work that they can use to negotiate for a better price with builders.

    This is where Builderlinks comes in – when you work with a Builderlinks building design, we will help you shop for the best builder with the best price by getting quotes for your design from either our pool of quality builders or builders recommended by you, checking each quote for accuracy, using our volume of monthly work to negotiate for the best price with each builder, then supplying you with a report to help you decide which builder you want to hire. With the number of monthly volume of work we present to quality builders, we are confident that we will achieve build prices way under any quote or tender that you receive – 100% guaranteed.

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