Custom Designs


Custom Designs

New homes, investment properties or unit developments.

The key to saving thousands on your building costs all starts with your design, by ensuring you engage an independent building designer or architect to draw your plans, and never a builders.

You must own the (C) Copyright of your plans!

How Our Process Works

Draw Your Plans Independently And Own The © COPYRIGHT

Engage Builders And Start The Quoting Process

BUILDERLINKS Will Also Obtain Quotes And Check All Quotes For Accuracy

Using Our Volume power, We’ll Negotiate And Supply A Report Outlining The Best Builder

After Seeing The Report – You Decide Who You Wish to Build With!


Tenders are old and outdated

Tenders used to be a great way to achieve the best building prices. However, modern advances have now changed this, making tenders an old fashioned and costly way to get building prices.

Using our unique Builderlinks system, we can now negotiate with quality builders by using the power of volume.

We have a volume of jobs every month that we can use to negotiate with quality builders to have them drop your price. Building designers or architects do not have this volume.

An example of this would be if your builders price came back at $980,000, we could then negotiate a price $50,000 to $80,000 under this, by offering the builder more jobs.

The power of volume always wins!