FACT – Consumers are not getting the best prices from quality builders – WHY

FACT - Consumers are not getting the best prices from quality builders – WHY

  1. Consumers do not understand how important it is to own the © Copyright so they can shop many builders to achieve a competitive price.
  2. Consumers make a decision to go with a Design & Construct builder and they do not have the deep industry knowledge and hence the reason why the Number 1 complaint area in Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs is against builders due to the consumers lack of deep building industry knowledge when getting quotes.
  3. Even if a consumer has all the knowledge and built 5 times before the one thing they do not have is monthly volume to negotiate with a builder to achieve amazing prices. We can offer a 100% Guarantee that no one person or company will achieve a price nationwide better then what we can negotiate.

So as a quality building designer lets get underway with a volume of work for you to choose from every month and protecting consumers.

UBER changed the Taxi industry and BUILDERLINKS is changing how consumers get their plans drawn and find quality well priced builders.

We only have limited positions in areas across the metro area and when positions are gone they are gone until we need more designers.

You’re a Quality Building Designer Expert

You Do Not Have The Monthly Volume To Negotiate Prices With Your Builders

BUILDERLINKS however can negotiate with your Builders or our Builders You Approve

BUILDERLINKS is a professional building quote and checking company

Together our Consumers get the best designer and best building experience & price

The 3 winners here are

  1. Your clients who will recommend you company for not just doing designs but having a free Consumer Protection Quote Service attached to your company who protected them during the quote process.
  2. Your business who will get more design client work from BUILDERLINKS
  3. BUILDERLINKS who get a 100% legal success payment from quality builders where we can pay you a 100% legal payment.

We have many building designers who have said they are getting a massive success rate signing clients when doing design quotes as a result of BUILDERLINKS being connected besides their company. If you supply your text, some job photos and your logo we will at no charge do a very professional document that will have you winning more design jobs when up against other designers who do not have the BUILDERLINKS connection. See example here – have attached this document in our email.


You Complete the Design Work

You Recommend Your Builders

Your client signs or finds their own builder

No Volume Negotiation means They Pay A High Build Price


You Complete The Design Work

BUILDERLINKS negotiates with Volume with builders the designer approves

Your client gets the best price based on quality and BUILDERLINKS protects them under construction

Your happy client refers your company and we all win once again