Many Architects conduct a Tender when you engage them. They generally approach builders who send clients to them for design work. BUILDERLINKS has a volume of jobs where we can negotiate handing a number of jobs to a builder to have them drop prices to get the other work. Architects do not have any monthly volume of jobs End result is if you get a Tender price say $980,000 then BUILDERLINKS using our volume could negotiate a price $50,000 to $80,000 under the Tender price by offering more jobs to a quality builder.

See video where BUILDERLINKS saved a client $245,000 under his Architects and Project Managers best Tender price. Greg Dawson – for 15 years used the old fashioned Tender system and then engaged BUILDERLINKS for the first time.

Tenders used to be a great way however the Internet has changed that where tenders is now an old fashioned costly way to get building prices.

Our perfect formula is you found the best designer – owned the © Copyright which helped you get the best building price by using BUILDERLINKS volume to negotiate.


  •  Consumer connected to the best fit building designer






BUILDERLINKS will also stay on board with you under construction until completed to make sure the builder we recommended completes a quality job and excellent customer service on and off site.

All BUILDERLINKS approved building designers can offer to their clients a FREE home building inspection service. This is available to all your clients should they proceed with a BUILDERLINKS approved builder which you would have recommended or approved.

All BUILDERLINKS approved building designers will get their sign installed on every building site and removed on job completion FREE of charge. You can choose 900H x 600W or 600H x 900W or supply you own sign artwork.

Become a BUILDERLINKS approved building designer and make more money and gain access to a volume of work. If you continue to work your current way finding consumers on your own and sending them to a few builders you know who are giving you work will in 12 months still be doing the same thing and earning the same money. Come on board with BUILDERLINKS paying $0 and in 12 months you will have way more jobs offered then any builder, receive way better payments from BUILDERLINKS being 100% legal payment and not secret commissions. We are changing the way consumers get their home plans drawn and building prices. Come join us.

 Its time to change as too many consumers are using builders to draw their plans and you like we know can have them all achieve a way better quality design and quality building result.

 Building designers not coming on board with BUILDERLINKS and receiving SECRET COMMISSIONS from builders by not disclosing to the consumer their referral payments from builders will find their work loads reducing with the increased online marketing of the numerous online systems BUILDERLINKS users which is intellectual property